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Marijuana: Risks for the Primary Care Doc

January 12, 2016 3:37 PM | Anonymous

Marijuana: Risks for the Primary Care Doc                                                                         


Hypersensitivity to Cannabinoids

Cardiovascular Diseases including:

◦        Arrhythmia

◦        Heart failure (any kind)

◦        Poorly regulated Hypertension

◦        Ischemic heart disease

History of Psychotic Disorders

◦      (Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective)

Family History of Psychotic Disorders

History of Drug Abuse

Family history of Drug Abuse

Males intending to start a family

Children less than 18 years old

Pregnant or breast feeding females                  

Serious Risks:   

Severe Psychiatric Side effects

◦        Psychosis

◦        Anxiety

◦        Mood Disorder

CNS Depression

◦        Decreased Cognitive Performance

◦        Impairs Short Term Memory

◦        Impairs Attention, Coordination and Balance

◦        Impairs Judgment

                 Impairs motor skills.

                 IMPAIRED DRIVING


Drug Abuse Potential

Hepatic Dysfunction – Transaminitis


CNS Depressants adverse effects are enchanced

Anticholinergics increase tachycardia with marijuana

Cocaine worsens tachycardia with marijuana

Sympathomimetics can worsen tachycardia with marijuana


       Adapted from

            NIDA Research Report Series Marijuana Abuse. NIH

            Pub# 10-3859


            Handbook of the Medical Consequences of Alcohol and Drug

            Abuse / John Brick, editor.-2nd ed. p. cm. And referenced articles


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            Drugs, 2004, 5(7):748-54. {PubMed 15298072]

                        Author: Michael Dekker, D.O.

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